Karma and Sanyaasa

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<<  If I am wrong prove it to me that for self-realization
 bhoutika sanyaasa is essential. >>

Sada why dont you prove the other side of the coin is right by citing some
In my view, perhaps it is the truth that bhoutika sanyasa is essential and
prerequisite if one wants to progess in spirituality.  Let me cite some
examples from recent past: Your own Guru, Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna,
Vivekananda, and some living persons like Ammachi, Meera, Satya Sai.  The
people around Ammachi are all sanyasis.  If they are interested they could
have also possesed material wealth and preach mental renounciation is
enough/suficient.  There is no mental renounciation without physical
attributes.  This is what I believe to be truth.  One more thing I would like
to say mere bookish knowledge without experience is useless.  That experience
comes only by mental and physical sanyasa.
Now prove it to me and others by citing examples "bhoutika sanyasa is not
I would like to go prostrate before them and request them to teach me.

I read with interest all the posts on this subject especially Rama's which  I
consider to be thought provoking and great.

People often  justify their statements by quoting some sloka from some text as
pramana.    That sloka may mean some thing entirely different in anoth
Let me see how you answer the following.  By the way I asked the same question
Swamy Chinmayananda and shankaracharyas Kanchi and Sringeri.
Sri Adi Shankara says "Ardham Anardham"
Sri Markandeya Maharishi writes "Rajyam Dehi, Dhanam Dehi, Samrajyam Dehi me
sada"   in a prayer to Devi.     Whom to believe?  Both are Jnnanis.

I realize people do not respond for various reasons.  1. They do not know the
answer. 2. They are afraid their answer may be wrong.  3. They couldn't care

Well what is your responce my friend.

shubhamastu                                                 Nagy

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