the non-reality of free will

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Tue Sep 23 03:58:49 CDT 1997

At 05:47 PM 22/09/97 -0400, Greg wrote:
In Western
>philosophy classes, when radical empiricism is covered, it is stressed that
>we can't even prove that there is a past or future.

Yes! Time has got to be one of the most pervasive yet utterly illusory
concepts there is! Pure mental construct.

>Since no idea of
>either one occurs in the past or future.  All that appears is here, now.
>Can we not just look at that?  For me, this really de-localizes the sense
>of "I" almost as much as the "there's no personal do-er or free will" concept.

Yes! If there is no time then there is no "Martin". Then witnessing occurs
without object or subject. Which is, without separation/duality. All is
truly mysterious and new.

Time = identity = problems. Towards the end of Krishnamurti's days he pretty
much focused on this issue of time exclusively.



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