NIRVANASHATKAM - Chidanandaruupam?

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>     "chidananda rupa sivoham sivoham"
>     Is chidananda an attribute?  Can anybody comment.
>     Shubham                                                Nageswar

Nagy - sat, chit and ananda are not attributes of atman. Attributes belong
to the objects- definable and measurable with intellect.

A simple but not exact exaple:
H2O is not an attribute of water, It is water.  Colourless, ouderless,
tasteless etc are its attributes at physical level and similarly many at
chemical level. In mathematics it is defined as necessory and sufficient
condition.  H2O=water and water=H2O -  sufficient and complete description
of water.

sat =  chit = ananda = atman = brahman.

ananda should be equal to infiniteness - any finiteness will not be ananda
because finiteness causes limitation and limitation causes duHkha.  ananta
meva anadaH - infiniteness alone is ananda.

What is negated in neti, neti is not negation of the thougts, but negation
of the identification with the thoughts as I am the body thought.  It is
the negation of the notions about myself - since they are notions, they not

The truth is I am the body + the rest of the universe where the body is
present - since the  universe consisting of aakaasha and time are in me -
in my consciousness. Krishna says:

 bahirantascha bhuutaanaam acharam charamevacha|
 suukshmatvaat tadaviJNeyam durastam chatikechatat||

It is both inside and outside (covers everything) of all living, movable or
immovables. Being subtle, it is to be known (realized not as object), it is
far away as well as near - Essentially everywhere.
It has to be infinite - hence ananda swaruupa - It is not jadam, inert -
since inert object cannot exist by itself - it is chaitanya swaruupam.

Hence it is chidaananda ruupam. ruupam has to be understood  not as with
form but as its nature.  Here words are stretched to define the undefinable
to help sadhak to go beyond all forms and names since all forms and names
are in the consciouness but not the consciouness.

Hari Om|

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