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Mon Sep 1 19:24:10 CDT 1997

> Namaste.
> Ramakrishnan writes:
> >Atman - _not_ a concept. What you state is the viGYAnavAdi position,
> >which says that the cognizer, cognized and cognition are all
> >modifications of the intellect, which is momentary and unreal.
> What I was trying to say was that any "Atman" that can be thought about
> is a concept. As long as we cling to concepts *about* Atman, we are still
> dealing with fiction.  What is the  case in the abscence of thought is my
> real concern here and (IMO) it just does not matter how anybody likes to
> think *about* that. It only matters that it is directly realized
> (without the mediation of thoughts about it).
> regards,
> -Allan Curry

Concur.  This also is the import behind the ajatavada doctrine of advaita,
as well as what Buddha was attempting to convey in his silence in response
to questions re the idea [and *not* the nature] of atman.



"There are no answers
there are no questions."

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