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Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Thu Oct 30 16:56:21 CST 1997


Ram writes:

>    The bottom line message is "Don't search for the
>    RESULT." The RESULT is nothing but the ACTION!

This speaks volumes to me, thanks for it...

In a different post, Greg writes:

>    (An aside -- I see many of my friends who are seeking
>    caught in a huge urge, an intense desire to Realize.
>    Teachers unequivocally tell them that this desire is
>    standing in their way.)

    I remember Poonja say in his last book that all desire
    is a hindrance *except* the one true desire to be free
    (ie. realize truth). For this desire he "unequivocally"
    recommends we fan the flame and throw our entire lives
    into the fire. Perhaps there is a difference between a
    particular ego's fantasy about that ego realizing
    something and the genuine desire for liberation which
    originates beneath and before the ego arises and
    accomplishes the end of the ego? After all, a burning
    desire for liberation is one of the requisites for
    moksha listed in traditional texts isn't it?


- Allan Curry

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