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Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Thu Oct 30 14:10:46 CST 1997

At 12:10 PM 10/29/97 -0600, Govind Rengarajan wrote:

>This is the point. It does not matter who we actually are, but
>what matters is that we do not know who we are. We really have just
>two choices. Either introspect earnestly who we are, as Ramana said,
>without forming any notions of being brahman, etc (it (being
>brahman) is actually irrelevant for one's sadhana, IMO), or simply
>surrender (learn to) to God with full uncontaminated faith.
>Interestingly, both these *approaches* in themselves do not involve
>or need any a priori notion of one's true nature.

This last sentence, good observation.  Swami Vivekananda has made a
similar point (similar to your paragraph above) many times, that
any surrender, any sadhana, will take you closer to God.  I thought
about that and finally agreed.  Since there's only one thing, since
all there is, is God/Brahman/Consciouness, then any total
introspection or surrender must take you there.  But expecting a
result will hinder you.

(An aside -- I see many of my friends who are seeking caught in a
huge urge, an intense desire to Realize.  Teachers unequivocally
tell them that this desire is standing in their way.)

>As Jaldhar said in another mail, saying "Jai Ambe" (honestly) one
>would definitely be better off.

What does "Jai Ambe" mean?


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