The Point / The Ultimate Goal

Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Thu Oct 30 13:17:58 CST 1997

At 08:07 PM 10/30/97 +0100, Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:

>groups according to subjects, and finally organized the whole so as to have
>some logical continuity. I^Òve called it ASMI. It occupies some 580 kb. If
>anyone is interested, I^Òll try to send it to him (I don^Òt know very well
>how, as I^Òm rather a rookie in Internet).

Thanks for posting all of this.  I would be interested in seeing ASMI.
580KB is not that large.  You could either:

   1. Email it by pasting the whole thing in a message.
   2. Email it by attaching it as a file to be sent, but
      not all mailers allow this.
   3. Putting it on an ftp or web site for downloading.

Try emailing it to me:  goode at



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