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 In this world, there are lot of people sufferring without food.
So for them food is the important thing than any other.

My question is, Is Duality unavoidable in critical situations?.
That is, eventhough the poor people realized Advaita, in critical
situations they have to respond to the situation.

With Regards,

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Allan Curry <acurry at UVIC.CA> wrote:

> Dear Jaldhar,
> I think the human desire for truth comes from truth
> itself irrespective of anyone's culture. It is a little
> deeper than culture and when you consider how quickly the
> whole world is starting to resemble the west you might
> come to see this view in a more positive light.
> regards,
- Allan Curry

Greetings Allan:


        The main objective of this posting is to express that I fully support
your viewpoint.  The sages of Upanishads believed in a universal society
with values based on substance but not on Origin. Let me quote from a
famous Sanskrit proverb,  "The investigation of the origin of a river
and the origin of a Sage is fruitless."  What really matter is the
purity of the river and the purity of the mind of the Sage.  Pure water
can be found in India and also in all continents of the world.  It is
also true that sages also exist in all continents of the world.  It is
also true that in recent times,  it is more difficult to find pure water
in India.
        This is subtle and philosophical.  The water as such is always pure and
will remain always pure! This is scientifically a TRUE statement! In
English when we express "dirty water," we imply the combination of dirt
and water which can be separated through scientific process. Water may
become sweet-water, colored-water, polluted-water, etc., but the Purity
of the Water is always preserved!  The TRUE Nature of water can always
be regained using scientific methods.  A parallel statement is also
valid with respect to the "TRUE HUMAN NATURE." The True Human Nature
just like the Pure Water will remain the same!  The adjectives such as
Westerner, Easterner, Southerner, Northerner, White, Black, Brown, good,
evil, etc., are the illusions from the polluted mind! The process of
separating the TRUE HUMAN NATURE is the SPIRITUAL SADHANA!  To purify
the water, chemicals and laboratory equipments became necessary! For
realization of the TRUE HUMAN NATURE, the scriptures such as the
Upanishads and Gita and Spiritual Sadhana may become necessary.
        We also need to look into another dimension of this thought process.
The level of chemical process to treat the polluted water depends on the
level of pollution.  A similar statement should be true for realizing
the True Human Nature. When there are no illusions, we don't need
scriptures or spiritual Sadhana! The solution for any problem depends on
the size of the problem! The problem, the solution and the solver of the
problem are the same! This is the TRUTH! TRUTH is always PURE and can
never be corrupted or polluted! TRUTH will remain the TRUTH forever and

Om Shanthi! Shanthi! Shanthi!

Ram Chandran

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