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Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Wed Oct 29 09:52:00 CST 1997

At 04:10 PM 10/28/97 -0500, Ram Chandran wrote:

>The Hindu scriptures do not propogate "Do nothing attitude!"

Totally agree!  In the Gita, Arjuna tried this, and Krishna urged him to

> Realization is not
>something poured from heaven like a rain fall. One has to earn it
>through Sadhana! We can not change our attitude instantaneously and it
>takes time and efforts! The journey of self-realization is a
>long-journey without any known path.

Agree about no known path.  But disagree about earning it.  It (jnaana or
realization) is no phenomenal action, object or state.  So it can't be the
result of an action, object or state.  It's actually closer to the
disappearance of such.  Sadhana and sruti are for the apparent result of
purifying the mind, which can be called a state.  But wouldn't you agree
that if we undertake Sadhana with the expectation of earning realization,
this very expectation will prevent realization?  Gita II.47 states:

   You have choice over your action but not over the results
   at any time.  Do not (take yourself) to be the author of
   the results of action; neither be attached to inaction.



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