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 Dear Maadhavan Srinivasan,

 I apologize if i have hurt you with my "There are no gods"
 or "Gods are mental objects" statements.
 I am not an atheist, otherwise I would no be in the Advaita-l list,
 which I consider one of the best things that have happened to me lately.
 I believe in God. There is One God.
A related story....many years ago, at Carnegie Hall, Krishnamurti was giving
a talk....
he was the embodiment of presence and fiercely pointing the audience to the
divine source of all that is, certainly the Absolute, most assuredly
God....he was doing it according to his style... negation of that which is
not the seat of "beingness" the end of the talk he asked for questions.
 A young man stood and as if to make a point, more than ask a question, the
young man said: "Krishnamurti...for all these years you have spoken of
Truth...but what about God...Do you believe in God?...Is there a God?...What
is your attitude toward God?"....Krishnamurti sat very still for about 2
minutes and the divine presence, indeed the experience of the Absolute
was irresistable and profound...For many of us , this was an extraordinary
of sitting in the palpable God-presence.  Then Krishnamurti looked up at the
young man who had spoken and said "Sir. "God", as you use the term, is a
product of human thought"...and he then left the stage and the talk was
over.It was a a true affirmation of the existence of God.


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