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Mon Oct 27 11:52:47 CST 1997

Gregory Goode wrote:
> egodust writes:
> [... lots snipped...]
> >"neti, neti" must
> > be ruthlessly applied across the mental board of magnetic glamour if we
> > ever hope to finally break the aons-forged habit of categorical judgments!
> Just an off-the-subject question to egodust.  Your use of the term
> "magnetic glamour."  Is this in the sense that Alice Bailey uses the
> term, as in her book GLAMOUR: A WORLD PROBLEM?
> --Greg

Yes, and it's not exclusively unique to Tibetan Buddhists (such as
Djwal Khul); it's basically one of the most formidable features
integral to maya, regarded as such by Buddhists in general.  At
least it could be considered formidable to the sadhaka in the final
stages of the dissolution of ego-Mind.  In the earlier stages, the
veiling aspect (avarana) is the most disabling, followed by the
projection aspect (vikshepa)--of which glamour factors in as the
last and, in some ways, the most stubborn obstacle.



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