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>Allow me to state a position I am slowly but relentlessly approaching:
>=93There is only the One, the Absolute.
>=93There is nothing else at all.
>=93There is no (1: see note) body, no soul, no ego, no world.
>=93There is no Vedas, no Sankara, no Ramana, no Nisargadatta.
>=93There is no maja, no creation, no illusion, no dis-illusioning.
>=93There is no karma, no re-incarnation, no liberation.
>=93There is no Shiva, no Krishna, no gods.
>=93There is no Advaita, no religion, no philosophy.
>=93There is no me, no you, no we.
>=93There is no two, no three, no four, just the One.
>=93And I=92m this One, and nothing else.
>End of expositon ot the position.
>When I=92m in this position I don=92t understand
>          any of the discussions about anything.
>But I feel extremely at rest.
>Am I oversimplifying? Please comment.
>(1) When I say =93there is no X=94, I mean:
>=93X is not real, it=92s only a mental object in the One=92s
>"Being thus unreal, why bother at all about it?"

I appreciate your wisdom. My doubt is if one lost his conciousness due
to some mental health problem and after some time regain it then what is
your explanation about these two states?

With Regards

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