Ego Returning... (was Re: Ramana's technique)

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Fri Oct 24 15:46:46 CDT 1997


Greg writes:

>Good example from the Gita.  Very apropos, Gita 13.1,
>body and manifestation are the field, and in all fields
>the Lord is the knower of the field.
>The ego and desire/aversion are there and are all part
>of the field, just like the body, dreams, clothes, car,
>etc.  The Lord doesn't identify with the field and say
>He is it, or that it is He.  The Lord has created the field, and
>attachment to any part of the field is itself part of the field.
>Be the knower.
>That chapter goes on to name desire, aversion, pleasure, pain,
>birth, death, old age and disease as part of the field, and exhorts
>dispassion and non-attachment with respect to the field, as well
>as devotion to the Lord.
>You are the knower.  The knower is the Lord.  You are the Lord.
>This is why Nisargadatta recommends reading the Gita from the
>viewpoint of Krishna, because that is what is true, even though we
>might not know it.

    This is great stuff, thank you. I believe it is true but
    I can't say with complete certainty that it is true,
    I think only a Nisargadatta or a Krishna could say so.
    Vivekananda (or maybe Ramakrishna) compared the jivas
    situation to being icebergs in the sea -- sometimes we
    melt, sometimes crystals reform. I can say sometimes the
    water is definitely over my head and there is a
    different dimension of "transparency" in which it seems
    only the ocean is, but I can't say "I AM THAT" (ie. the
    Ocean itself) -- sometimes I don't *seem* to be present
    and something wonderful is -- that's all.

    Your second post (also very good and which I enjoyed)
    quotes the ASHTAVAKRA GITA:...

>    "The Mahatma regards the actions of his body as not
>    different from those of another body. Whether praised or
>    blamed, he abides in the Self, undisturbed."

    This reminds me that I've always considered claiming
    to be enlightened to be boasting of being literally
    indifferent between one of our own arms or legs being
    cut off and the arm or limb of anyone else being cut
    off. No way I could say anything of the kind. It just
    wouldn't be true. Could any of us make such a claim
    (ie. to be enlightened, to be Brahman, etc.) ???


- Allan Curry

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