Ego Returning... (was Re: Ramana's technique)

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Thu Oct 23 18:28:52 CDT 1997


Greg writes:

>This is an important point.  The repeated return of the ego
>or sense of individuality is not cause to whip or berate
>one's self.  It, like many other things, is something that
>happens spontaneously in phenomenality.  To react to the
>arising of the ego by saying "my sadhana is not working"
>or some other judgment just encourages the ego and makes
>it that much more stubborn.

The important point above seems to be that the ego is as
much an object as any other, would that misrepresent your

I remember reading recently in the Bhagavad Gita that
desire and aversion were also objects (the "field") and
not really part of the subject (the knower of the field).
If the ego and desire/aversion are both objects then
they have no more to do with me than this computer
screen and I would already be free of them, is that right?


- Allan Curry

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