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Miguel Angel Carrasco nisargadata at MX3.REDESTB.ES
Tue Oct 21 14:28:42 CDT 1997

Allow me to state a position I am slowly but relentlessly approaching:

^ÓThere is only the One, the Absolute.
^ÓThere is nothing else at all.
^ÓThere is no (1: see note) body, no soul, no ego, no world.
^ÓThere is no Vedas, no Sankara, no Ramana, no Nisargadatta.
^ÓThere is no maja, no creation, no illusion, no dis-illusioning.
^ÓThere is no karma, no re-incarnation, no liberation.
^ÓThere is no Shiva, no Krishna, no gods.
^ÓThere is no Advaita, no religion, no philosophy.
^ÓThere is no me, no you, no we.
^ÓThere is no two, no three, no four, just the One.
^ÓAnd I^Òm this One, and nothing else.

End of expositon ot the position.
When I^Òm in this position I don^Òt understand
          any of the discussions about anything.
But I feel extremely at rest.
Am I oversimplifying? Please comment.

(1) When I say ^Óthere is no X^Ô, I mean:

^ÓX is not real, it^Òs only a mental object in the One^Òs consciousness^Ô
"Being thus unreal, why bother at all about it?"

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