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Dear Sir,

  I wish to join the advaita list. I am a Smartha Brahmin.
  Currently I am working as a sofware Engineer. But I am very
  much interested in philosophy.

  I have some elementary knowledge about the Advaita Philosophy
  after reading books by Sri Swami Vivekananda,Sri Bhagavan
  Ramana Maharshi and others.

  I wish to learn more and more about the ideals and path set out
  by our Great Guru.

  I hope that this forum gives me a wonderful opportunity to
  know more about my Guru.

  I am very thankful and grateful to all the members for their
  sincere effforts in bringing the Great Message to everyone
  in a comprehensible and lovable manner.

  May the Great Guru Sri Jagadguru ADI SANKARACHARYA illuminate
  our intellect and give more strength and direction in our
  spiritual journey.

  Jai Sri Sankara,


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