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Miguel Angel Carrasco, 53 years old, Spanish teacher of English at high
As a teenager already deeply interested in religion.
Studied some Catholic theology, but couldn't accept many of its dogmas.
Brief spell of marxism and atheism.
Then re-started spiritual seach through yoga and study of philosophy and
modern physics.
Fond of Fritjop Capra, Krishnamurti, etc.
Started meditation.
Fainally attracted to monism by Huang Po, Ibn Arabi and my favourite jnani
Worked for years on the latter's "I am that".
Convinced of advaita, but still problems understanding role of  "my"
individual mind within the One Consciousness:
Is this present mind just a mental object to be witnessed with indifference
like all else?,
or am I, the One Subject, actively responsible of the mind's ways?

Yours sincerely,
Miguel Angel Carrasco

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