More Karma

Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Fri Oct 17 09:51:42 CDT 1997

At 07:34 AM 10/17/97 -0600, Nanda Kumar wrote:
>> I don't see how  the import of any of the great sayings, such as tat
>>tvam asi, get lost by seeing karma as a convenient fiction."
>Jonathan, in your mail you've not answered Vidya's question. Can you
>please explain?

I won't presume to answer for either Jonathan or Vidya, but I'd like to add
an opinion that tat tvam asi and other mahavakyas can remain even if karma
IS a convenient fiction.  Being convinced intellectually that X in
phenomenality is a convenient fiction is different from seeing everything
in phenomenality as Brahman.  I do agree with Jonathan where he stated
earlier that the entire universe is a convenient fiction which disappears
when Brahman is known.

But until we are at that point, we are still experiencing duality,
suffering, anger, frustration, pride, etc.  This is precisely the time that
one of the mahavakyas might be able to help.


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