Allan - the sniper

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Thu Oct 16 13:52:57 CDT 1997


>>      That's another good question I don't have an answer to
>>    but my guess would be that Sankara does not hold
>>   "experience to be a superior pramana..." How could he
>>    have said otherwise and still be the patron saint of
>>    Advaita *Vedanta*?
>C'mon, c'mon, Allan, why're you so anti-traditional and always sniping
>at Shankara?

    I was just explaining the basis of my guess. Because
    Samkara holds the position he does in history, it is
    unlikely he would have held "experience to be a superior
    pramana...". I didn't mean to imply that his reason for
    holding that view was to attain a place in history.
    Perhaps my writing style needs improving? Sorry for any
    misunderstanding it may have caused you...


-Allan Curry

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