Samkara's Theory please!

Thu Oct 16 07:07:56 CDT 1997

In a message dated 97-10-16 07:38:30 EDT, Allan Curry writes:

<<  I've since returned "Fundamentals of Indian Philosophy"
     to the library so I'm unable to quote it to you, but, I
     do remember Pugliandla mentioning there were 3 kinds of
     appearance (I couldn't see much difference between 2nd
     and 3rd though). They were distinguishable on the basis
     of being sublatable by other appearances as well as the
     ontological ground as opposed to being sublatable by the
     ontological ground only. The moon would be an instance
     of an appearance of the last type while a hologram of
     the moon would be an instance of the former type.

The most obvious reference to the above are Sankara's sattas: vyavaharika
etc. --  comparable to waking, dream and dreamless sleep. It is interesting
to consider paramatika satta (dreamless sleep) as appearance.

Thanks for the discussion and it is indeed Michael.

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