unreality of the world

Thatte, Uday (NM IT) Uday.Thatte at NMB.NORWEST.COM
Mon Oct 13 14:36:15 CDT 1997

Gummuluru Murthy wrote :-
>We have no difficulty in accepting the lack of water in the mirage of the
>desert, or absence of snake in the rope. But somehow, we do not seem to
>accept (convincingly to our mind and more particularly in our day-to-day
>life) that the world and us are as unreal as that water in a mr^ga
>tr^shhna. Why do we seem to hold on to this false concept much more than
>the other false concepts ?
>Gummuluru Murthy

It seems that the reason why we hold on to this (unseemingly) false concept
is because (and after) we have seen and realized that the rope was not snake
and the mirage was not water. By that logic, how shall we believe that
anything is miThya until after we see the truth? How do you stop a mr^ga
from chasing the mirage or how do you ask a person to relax in front of a
rope which he thinks is a snake? What follows is that as long as we keep on
using our intellect (i.e. concious mind) we are compelled to believe in
anything (whether true or false) which convinces our intellect. So....is
that the first obstacle?


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