Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Mon Oct 13 13:17:15 CDT 1997

In an earlier response to my statement about the body and mind not being
negated, somebody brought up the subject of susupti (dreamless, deep
sleep). As far as my understanding goes, the concept of susupti is used
only to highlighten the concept of Maya and it's not really important in
itself. Though it's Advaitam logic, that in deep, dreamless sleep, the mind
is inactive and the Self functions independantly, it's not expounded that
our final aim is to attain such perfect dreamless sleep and thus keep
sleeping till we perfect that state! Tthe waking state remains the only
state in which we can realize our Self and hence remains the most
important of the three states till attaining Turiya. If I'm mistaken about this,
I request the knowledgable to enlighten me.

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