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This is a short introduction for the purposes of re-induction
into the advaita mailing list. An introduction of myself seems
unnecessary because of two reasons : 1. Have posted extensively
on this list (putting people to sleep, perhaps) and have either
met or corresponded with several members of this list through
private email. 2. An introduction can only list the
accomplishments (and the associated failures) of the body and
mind which are all in the realm of maya, anyway. As Shankara
would say, talking about [the origin/dependence/powerfulness] of
avidya and maya is itself maya.

However, if one is so inclined, one may please refer to the
self-titled page 'Spirituality, yoga and Hinduism' at
and also at the biographies and essays at
and a personal biodata at

I certainly do not have the time (nor the inclination) to post
extensively as I used to, but I will try my best to post a few
articles (of course, quoting Shankara :-) :-) and, more
importantly, learn from other members of this
list. This list has certainly introduced me to people who are
very knowledgable in traditional advaita vedanta.

Please (re)subscribe me to the list with the above address in
DIGEST form (otherwise, I will lose this account considering the
amount of traffic).

AUM shaantiH

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