"I" - the mind or the Self???

Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Thu Oct 9 14:42:01 CDT 1997

At 11:24 AM 10/9/97 -0400, Ram Chandran wrote:

>        The model contains at least one weak spot that is subject to serious
>intellectual criticism. What is the logic for the origination of
>impurity? According to Vedas, Life has  no beginning or end. This
>implicitly means that CREATION is beyond the human grasp. Once we agree
>with this ETERNAL TRUTH, then there are no contradictions. We can safely
>conclude that Creation and Destiny are beyond human intelligence. Then
>we can accept Advaita for our spiritual progress and Self-realization.

This question IS the most-oft asked question/objection to Advaita.  What is
the origin of maya, impurity, duality, the world.

I like this posting, and would like to say I appreciate your style in
this, ending up with a broad, inspirational, rousing advaitic flourish!


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