"I" - the mind or the Self???

Raghavendra Hebbalalu hsraghav at IMAP3.ASU.EDU
Wed Oct 8 18:45:14 CDT 1997

What about the Sushupti state(Deep sleep) ? "I" don't think the mind
observes there.
Nanda Kumar wrote:

>  When we try to observe the origin of thoughts, who is it that's
> observing? Is it the Self? Or is it the mind? Or is it that the Self
> and the
> mind are actually working in unision and that inorder to identify the
> Self
> we've to first learn to distinguish the working of the Self from the
> working of the mind? And that I suppose is the objective of meditation
> -
> to still the mind, so that the Self can function independantly. In the
> English
> version of the Yoga Sutras that I possess, the author says when we try
> to still the mind during meditation, there's atleast the thought that
> the mind
> is still, which doesn't reflect true stillness and that perfect
> stillness can
> only be achieved upon realization.
>  So at this point in time, in my unrealized state, I fear that I can
> corelate
> the 'I' only to my mind.

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