(modern nitwit = Brahman) ?

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Fri Oct 3 04:34:28 CDT 1997

Hi Allan!

You have sent a series of brilliant emails. Well done! You are doing an
important service. In this email your heart shone through.

I wish I could express things as clearly as you. I'm wondering... have you
got a degree in law or something? Do you know a good book on logic that is
simple and digestible? Edward de Bono made a clear description of the
redundance of logic but I now realise logic can be used to expose corrupt



At 02:05 PM 2/10/97 -0800, you wrote:
>I would like to sincerely thank Vidyasankar and others for the very
>good service of providing such detailed and patiently presented
>information in response to my questions.  As the vedas are part of
>the "context" of Advaita which is not appreciated by  "unassimilated"
>"modern nitwits" like myself, I sought and received some clarification
>of that context.
>I get the partial impression that it may not be so un-orthodox after all
>(at least from the Advaita point of view), to seek the paravidya (higher
>knowledge of truth itself) in the Upanishads and basically ignore as much
>of the aparavidya as you like. It may *not* be the mandatory "package deal"
>which I had feared it was being presented by some to be.
>Suffice it to say, IMO, Advaita Vedanta will have a much larger role in
>the non-Indian world if the wheat can be presented with the chaff clearly
>labelled as "optional", "not required", "only there to be `backward
>compatible' culturally", etc. People who grew up in that culture may feel
>this is too high a price to pay for sharing their spiritual wealth with the
>spiritually impoverished modern world -- but there you have it.
>Believe it or not, my personal interest includes my concern for the
>spiritual rootlessness of my fellow man (and women too of course) and
>I would not be bothering to participate here if I did not think Advaita
>Vedanta had the "real goods" to offer. I am aware of the necessity of
>preserving the original tradition in some form in order to provide the
>rest of us with a benchmark. I am aware the "baby could get thrown out
>with the bathwater" if only part of a tradition is transposed in the
>wrong way. I was trying to assess the possibilities, that's all.
>I hope my intentions and methods are not too disreputable or disrupting
>for you to keep giving me your valuable time and consideration.
>Respectfully yours,
>-Allan Curry
>Here's a nice slice ( out of context? :-) from the Katha Upanishad...
>"The Self is not known through the study of scriptures, nor through
>subtlety of the intellect, nor through much learning. But by him who longs
>for him is he known. Verily unto him does the Self reveal his true being."

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un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA wrote:
> Namaste,

> I would like to sincerely thank Vidyasankar and others for the very
> good service of providing such detailed and patiently presented
> information in response to my questions. .........
> Respectfully yours,
> -Allan Curry

Dear Allan:


        You have written a beautiful note and it touched my heart and soul.  I
was very happy to read your clarification and the "you in me" wants to
support your cause.  If you are looking for any books or other
literatures related to these issues, I will try to collect and send you
as soon as possible. Please send me an E-mail.  My intuition tells me
that you sincerely want to learn and understand the Hindu Scriptures. I
hope to help you in any way I can in your pursuit of TRUTH.

Thanks for the piece (also peace) from Katha Upanishad....

With my regars and Have a nice day!

Ram Chandran

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