Some Issues

Martin Gifford marting at NSWCC.ORG.AU
Thu Oct 2 04:03:04 CDT 1997

At 04:34 PM 29/09/97 -0500, Uday wrote:
>1. Religion is subjective, science is objective and universally accurate.

'Objective' means you are separate from that which you observe. How could
you know or prove that you are separate? Science creates conceptual objects
and then analyses their creations!

>2. Religions have a purpose but do not have rules, science is a collection
>of rules but has no purpose.

It's purpose is to understand the universe.

>3. Science is about tangibles, religion is mostly about intangibles.

Science and religion are both are about concepts.

>4. Science tells us not to believe without reason, religions tell us to
>believe and then reason (if you want to).

Science tells us to believe in separate objects and then to explore what you
believe. Gurus tell us to break away from all falsely held concepts like our
supposed identity as a separate object.

>5. Although some scientific facts may be propogated or explained under the
>name of religion or some so-called religious practices (such as Yoga) may
>have scientific basis and references, the religion is not about those facts
>(it is much more).

Yes indeed!



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