The Riddle of Fate and Free-Will

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> Advaita Makaranda is by Sri Lakshmidhara Kavi who hails from Orissa and of
> 17th century and very little is known about him.

I have the Sanskrit version of this work with the commentary
Rasabhivyanjika of Swayamprakash Yati which was  republished  in 1992 by
Sampurnanand Sanskrit university in Kashi.  There is also a Victorian
English translation in this edition which I didn't find particularly
useful.  In the foreword (also in English by Dr. Mishra the
vice-chancellor of the University, it says Lakshmidhar must have lived in
the 14th century as he is quoted by Swami Brahmanada Bharati in his
commentary on the Vakyasudha.

> The text of 17 or 18 slokas is highly contemplative, logical and
> intellectually stimulating.  Those who are looking for logical answers
> should read this text.

It is very good.  Especially if you also read the commentary.  However
this edition has 28 shlokas.

> Lakshmidhara kavi has written another book and Swamiji is still searching
> for a copy of it.  If any one finds it let us know its whereabouts.

His other two works listed are Bhagavannama Kaumudi (commentary on Vishnu
Sahasranama?) and Amrtatarangini commentary on Bhagavata Purana.  I don't
think they've been published yet.

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