Length of the Yugas.

Vaidya N. Sundaram sundaram at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Wed Oct 1 13:45:52 CDT 1997

> do you think Yukteswar's calculations to be more accurate?

 With what I have read (which is very little) I have no reason to either
believe or disbelieve the arguments. Right now for me, it seems a little
irrelevant as to the yuga I am in. True, the approach to Moksha depends
on the yuga; that is to say whereas nama samkirtana and nama japa are
supposed to be quite sufficient in the kali yuga, a more intense
practice is required in the Dwapara. But, am I to assume that the path
I have chosen to follow is or will be fruitless just because the yuga
has changed? I do not think so. I think inquiry into the self is
and will be pertinent and also *potent* enough that the I in me can
be dissolved into a superior conscience ...

 If your question is on the validity of Sri Yukteshwar Giri's calculations,
I dont know. For the Manava Dharma Sastras are quoted by Sri Yukteshwar
Giri. I still have a doubt though. In the Manu Smiriti, there are verses
detailing the division of the yugas and the time periods alloted to each,
and the english version I have read seems to reiterate the conventinal view
of the Kali yuga being 432000 human years. However, I do not know Sanskrit
and so am unable to read for myself. If a few knowledgeable list members
are conversant in Sanskrit and can find the time to do the cross
referencing, I will look up the verse numbers. The Bhagavata Puranas are
also supposed to contain references to the division of time. I am yet to
come accross a detailed explanation though.


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