On Brahmasutras and VisishtAdvaita

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Wed Oct 1 09:27:10 CDT 1997

I've got a couple of questions on the Brahmasutras.

1. Are the Brahmasutras, a properly sorted and organised form and
explanation on the Upanishads?

2. The book which I have on the subject, which is based on Shankara's
commentary, states that most scholars consider Shankara's commentary
as 'far fetched' and not faithful to Bhadarayana's original thought. So is it
the proper book to read?

A question on a different subject.

Last weekend I met an Iyengar who follows VisishtAdvaita. He said that
the main purport of that scool of thought is Karma Yoga. But again I read
in the above mentioned book on the Brahmasutras that both
Madavacharya and Ramanuja considered Bhakti as the only means to
realize Brahman. Can somebody knowledgable clarify?

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