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On Mon, 29 Sep 1997, Martin Gifford wrote:

> I had said that the guru "mustn't _use_ guilt". My experience is that the
> use of guilt actually increases the self consciousness and sense of
> separation in the student. There are much smarter ways of getting a person
> to change such as Advaita! I don't think there is a solution to any
> spiritual problem within duality. And guilt is within duality.

A person without much morality may need to feel guilty in order to
progress further.

Only a basically moral person can feel the pangs of a guilty conscience.
Psychopaths don't at all.   People who feal guilty usually do so because
they've done something wrong.  They may not want to admit it but _that_ is
within duality.

> Then why are you worried about morality?

Because the alternative to being moral is being immoral which is worse.

> I'm not interested in Vedanta. I heard Vedanta meant "the end of knowledge".
> That is what I am interested in.

Then you heard wrong.  Vedanta means the end part of the Vedas or if you
will the culmination of the Vedas.

For ending knowledge I recommend beating your head repeatedly with a blunt
instrument.  That ought to end it pretty quickly.

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