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Thatte, Uday (NM IT) Uday.Thatte at NMB.NORWEST.COM
Mon Nov 24 17:39:00 CST 1997

I am a keen follower of the Advaita List and I humbly admit that this
list has given me insights into matters beyond my expectations and is
tremendously helping me at whatever stage of awareness I may be at
present. I just wanted to express my concern about what Miguel wrote
before his superbly written version of Thesis B :-

He wrote "Before I go on to state my personal, provisional and possibly
position, I would like to stress first that of course I do not take
(both sleeping and waking) as something real. There is no reality in
anything perceivable. Whatever can be seen, felt, heard, remembered,
foreseen, or otherwise experienced, is just a thought in dual
consciousness. Even the sense -I am-.  No content, not form, no idea, no
object, no subject, no anything is real. Only the Absolute One."

How if I rather take a totally opposite stand that :-

Since there is Only the Absolute One and nothing else, whatever you see,
feel, hear, touch or perceive is real (for you). It doesn't matter
whether it is really "REAL" or not since you have no way to decide that.
However, what will save you (in my opinion) is not the **belief** that
"everything is unreal" but the **recognition** of everything being
potentially "UNREAL" (kshaya) thereby preventing you from involvement.

What you perceive is nothing but your conciousness and just your own
version of the reality. Even the dreams may be real and objects may be
real. However, nobody knows whether anybody at all knows OR who knows
what is real and what is not.

I fear that the concept of "nothingness" and the stance that "everything
is unreal" can lead me to a void which even negates tha Absolute One.
And I don't think this would be in line with Advaita.


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