For the logicians among you

Mon Nov 24 08:35:59 CST 1997

Vedic testimony and perception are at odds concerning the non-duality versus
the plurality of this world. How to reconcile?

Sureswara argues (reference supplied on request) that perception does not
reveal difference! Difference is determined by the non-existence of one
object in another -- there is non-existence of a horse in a cow and vice
versa. Difference then, is about non-existence and perception requiring an
object has nothing to do with non-existence -- it can only manifest objects,
not draw conclusions about them. Inference, which can draw conclusions, being
dependent upon perception also cannot determine non-existence.

Is this a bit on angular reasoning? Fire although not perceived when we see
smoke  is nonetheless inferred and yet there is definitely a difference
between fire and smoke. We can also safely infer that smoke indicates the
non-existence of ice. So then, does not inference give knowledge of plurality
of objects? COmments, please.

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