Why the same dream?

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Sat Nov 22 16:16:32 CST 1997

Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:
> [...]  ...maaya may be the cause of taking
> the whole picture for real, but that picture appears in billions of copies.
> Why are they so very much alike? Minds cannot see outside themselves (there
> is nothing outside). However all minds have very similar contents. Why?

This is effectively addressed by Prashant Sharma's statement: "The mind is
like an atmosphere that all living beings share."  To further elucidate:
There is one universal Self (paramatman), manifesting one universal Mind
(mahamahat) which, like the one aether (mahakasa), is all-pervasive and
discoverable beneath the *appearance* of the multiplicity of jivas
inhabiting the specter of their world.  That is, the reason the world
appears the same to us is because we're basically operating through one
Mind, with *apparently* multifarious egoistic overlays.  And it's this
latter delusion that tricks us into believing we're multiple jivas with
multiple minds.  (It's important to remember that this is just a
philosophical strategy, designed to quell the anguish of the inquiring
mind, in an attempt to rationalize the nature of its fantastic works;
and not a testimonial for defining a truth.)

This [one Mind] idea was also alluded to by yourself (below):

> There is
> thus only one dreamer, and only one total dream, but there are also myriads
> of partial versions of the one dream.
> This also explains how a partial dream (an individual mind) can affect
> another one. That is also the basis for the feeling of love: the Self in
> each partial dream is seeking unity by joining the other dreams. And the
> jnani is the dream where the Self sees all other dreams as various aspects
> of the same whole, without any sense of  ^Óme^Ô anymore, but watching
> everything as a cinema film shown in many screens, a splendid
> breathtakingly beautiful picture. Because the One is quite an Artist.
> Miguel Angel
> PS. If you like this version of Thesis B) that is because it is based on
> Nisargadatta Maharaj^Òs teachings. If there is something in it you do not
> like, that is due to my faulty interpretation of it. This is not false
> modesty.
> Quite the opposite, I´m afraid. Because who is Nisargadatta but my truer
> Self?



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