What is meant by pure consciousness?

Miguel Angel Carrasco nisargadata at MX3.REDESTB.ES
Sat Nov 22 14:22:57 CST 1997

Jonathan Bricklin wrote:        [...]  ^ÓVoid is not really void...^Ô (Huang-po)

Yes, Nisargadatta also thought so :

I used to create a world and populate it. Now I don't do it any more. [Now
I live] in the void beyond being and non-being, beyond consciousness. This
void is also fulness; do not pity me.

Really there is no witness, because there is nothing to be a witness to. I
am perfectly empty of all mental formations, void of mind, yet fully aware.
This I try to express by saying that I am beyond the mind.  (328)

Dear Johathan, as I think this is becoming a private discussion, I will not
have anything else to say in it. Thanks.

Miguel Angel

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