Why the same dream?

Gummuluru Murthy gmurthy at MORGAN.UCS.MUN.CA
Thu Nov 20 12:18:07 CST 1997

On Thu, 20 Nov 1997, Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:

> Thesis A : Many dreams but no-coincidence in them :
> For Gummuluru Murthy there are many dreams but "the world we dream is
> different^Ô because ^Óthe reactions we have for any ^Ñsituation^Ò are
> different, and that is ^Óanother conclusive evidence that the world is
> unreal^Ô.
> [... analyses of various theses deleted]
> Thesis A)   ^ÓThere are many dreams but they are not the same.^Ô   Yes, not
> exactly the same, of course. But so similar!!  I would never finish
> enumerating the things in common between my dream and yours, dear
> Gummuluru. If this were not so, we would not be communicating at all. With
> slightly diverging points of view, we have a very common world. Why such
> similitude, if both yours and mine are just dreams? Why are we dreaming of
> the same imaginary Milky Way with the same solar system and the same Earth
> with the same countries etc etc?  Have you never wondered?


My understanding (which may be wrong) is the following:

Yes, we see the same Milky Way and the same Earth and the same continents
because we are indoctrinated by the same maaya. If two or n persons have
the same reaction to an event, that does not make that event any real. If
we (and I mean by we, our intellect) ever go beyond the wake-up state, we
still see the Milky Way, the Earth and so on, but we see it all as one,
with no difference. I attribute this seeing of duality to our being
indoctrinated by maaya. Let us take a child who does not know the
difference between a snake and a rope. The child would be playing with the
snake as she would be playing with a rope. For that child, there is no
snake and she is not afraid of snakes. Only after our indoctrination
by maaya, do we see the difference between the snake and the rope and our
superposition of the snake on the rope.

For a realized person, there is still the world, the Milky Way and the
continents. Yet, the realized person sees them for what they are, just
superpositions on Nirguna Brahman. For that person, there is no
difference between the Milky Way, the continents and the world. They
are all unreal, just like characters in a dream.

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