The six great enemies

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On Thu, 13 Nov 1997, Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

> We all know that we have to conquer the six great enemies for the
> purification of the intellect(buddhi). These six great enemies are:
> kAma, krOdha, lObha, mOha, mada, mAtsarya

I don't know about those but maybe a seventh -- alasya or laziness.  The
way is known, the means are known but people find all kinds of ways to
avoid doing what needs to be done.

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Allan Curry <acurry at UVIC.CA> writes:

> Namaskar

>    Mahatma Gandhi tells us all religions have the same root
>    and advaita tells us that root has never been separate
>    from our own self, nor could it ever become separate.
>    Is this a fair appraisal?
> regards,
> - Allan Curry

Greetings Allan:

Your appraisal is precise! I endorse it fully and let me add the
following additional observations. Religions,  Rivers and Languages
exist to serve the humanity. Religions supply Divinity,  rivers carry
water and languages serve as the media of communication.  Though in
appearance, religions may look different, the water in the purest form
is the same!  Languages may sound and write differently but the idea
that they communicate remain the same.  Similarly, the purest form of
divinity in any religion is the same.  We the people may look, speak and
act differently but the Atman (SELF) that we represent is the same!  The
human intellect and the body pollute the religions, rivers and the
languages and consequently they got fragmented and contaminated.  Those
who find the water tasty do not drink pure water!  Those who find
conflicting divine experiences in different religions  do not  enjoy the
divine experience!

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