Everpresent Conciousness

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Wed Nov 12 15:33:07 CST 1997

I'm not really getting this!

Am I wrong in thinking that in my current ignorant state, the "I" refers to
the body, mind and the Self. It was my understanding that though the Self
is constantly with me, it's supressed (I'm aware that I'm not using the
correct word, but I hope the members get the drift) by the mind. So the
purpose of the process is to still the mind and let only the Self function
totally and fully.

So if that's the case, when one is in the state of deep sleep, and if the
Self is fully active at that time, one should be aware of the deep sleep
state. But quite a few of us aren't.

Or is that the Self lies dormant within us and is not with us always and
the process is to revive it and go into a new state?

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