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Govind Rengarajan govind at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Nov 8 10:50:20 CST 1997

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote:

> 1.  I receive the advaita-l postings in the form of daily digests.
>      But I haven´t got the 1 Nov to 2 Nov 1997.
>      Maybe I deleted it somehow.
>      Would a member kindly send it to me?
>      I tried the listserver with the command
>     <getpost advaita-l  digest - 1 nov to 2 nov 1997>
>     but received an <unknown command> reply.

This is an excerpt from the introductory message that
was sent to you when you joined the list:

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Also you can look at the archives through the www:

> 2.  I have sent several members my file ASMI
>     (compilation of Nisargadatta's quotes).
>     I have been working for some time with a similar
>     compilation of Samkara´s works (still very inmature).
>     But I wonder whether I might be doing something already done.
>     Does any member know of a systematic compilation of Samkara´s writings?

There are several books. Your best bet is to look at
the following sites that have a lot of information on
Shankara's works (and related books):

Also, for those interested in original samskrit
collection, the following (sent by Giri some time ago)
might be useful:

>From gmadras at Sat Nov  8 10:45:13 1997
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 09:46:15 -0700
From: Giri <gmadras at>
Reply-To: "Advaita (non-duality) with reverence" <ADVAITA-L at>
To: Multiple recipients of list ADVAITA-L <ADVAITA-L at>
Subject: Re: Sankara's lalitA triSatI bhAshya

[stuff deleted]

in the ORIGINAL Sanskrit (Ten Volumes)

Samata Books, (Published V. Sadanand)
10, Kamaraj Bhavan,  573 Anna Salai
MADRAS  600 006.

First published in 1910, revised version 1981
(sponsored by Sringeri Shankaracharya)

Cost : Rs. 1200.

BRIEF Contents

Volume 1:  Sri Sankara Stotravali containing 65 Stotrams
           on various Gods and Goddesses (including Ganga,
           Yamuna, etc).
Volume 2:  Prakarana Prabhandavali containing 30 Advaitic
           Stotrams (atmabhodha, ekasloki, and so forth)
Volume 3:  Upadesa Ratnavali containing  Vivekachudamani,
           Upadesa saahasri, and Sarvavedarthasamgraha
           (each occupies about 100 pages)
Volume 4:  Prapancha saara in 33 Patalas (500+ pages)
Volume 5:  Laghu Bhashyas (Vishnusahasranama Bhashyam,
           Sanat Sujaatiiya Bhashyam, Lalita thrishati
           Bhashyam, Hastamalaka Bhashyam, Adyatma Patala
Volume 6:  Bhagavadgita Bhashyam (600+ pages)
Volume 7:  Brahmasutra Bhashyam (885 pages)
Volume 8:  Upanishad Bhashyam (Isa, Kena, Katha, Prshna,
           Mundaka, Maandukya, Aitareya, taittariya, and
           Nrisimhapurvatapaniiyopanishat Bhashyam)
Volume 9:  Chandogyopanishad Bhashyam
Volume 10: Brihadaaranyakopanishad Bhashyam (800+ pages)


namo nArAyaNA,

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