Self - Pure Mind

Nanda Kumar nkumar at OPPENHEIMERFUNDS.COM
Fri Nov 7 13:59:24 CST 1997

>Yes, sometimes the same things happening to the body in the dream
>state are actually happening to the body in the waking state.
>But the dreamer doesn't know this, the waker does.
Does it really matter? For in the instance when the body reacts to the
dream, the dreamer and the waker are one.

>How is it that you know that consciousness is absent during deep
Because I can remember the dream, but can't remember anything about
the deep sleep state which followed. So when I wake up I realize that
there's a period when there's no conciousness. But that's only pure
reasoning and that in itself doesn't justify the existance of the Self.

>Something must be there to record the coming and going of
>consciousness, the coming and going of the mind.
Why should there be something to record the coming and going of
conciousness or the mind?

>Because the Self is there even if consciousness is not there.
In deep sleep, there's absolutely no conciousness. If that's the case,
how would we know if the Self was there?

Anyway, I don't want the members to get the impression that I'm arguing
pointlessly, it's just that I want to get my reasoning straight. I believe in
the Self but trying hard to distinguish it from the mind.

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