Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Thu Nov 6 16:01:03 CST 1997

At 01:06 PM 11/6/97 -0800, Allan Curry wrote:

>    This reminds me of Zen being able to dispense with Zen
>    and still be Zen precisely for that reason. What you say
>    about "this certainty" being unable to tell you there is
>    a self or atman really appeals to me because I am
>    absolutely certain of X but absolutely uncertain as to
>    what X is. If there is no need to complete the equation
>    X = ? then I'm done. I am X without the slightest shadow
>    of a doubt. Is that all there is to it?

I like the simplicity of your statement here.  You've heard all the
conventional things -- freedom from all limitation, sat chit, ananda.  If
you did need to know the nature of X, what more would you want to hear?
Also, why need to know X=?


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