Seeking literature on action of vasanas, etc.

Williams, Pat WilliamsP at ZEUS.DT.UH.EDU
Thu Nov 6 14:28:53 CST 1997

It is my understanding that (at least according to one way of explaining
these things) events arise in one's life according to one's vasanas.  In
effect these events present themselves before us.  The ideal "response"
to these arising events is no response at all, that is, to just witness
them without reacting to them.  When we react to them we either create
new vasanas or, perhaps, strengthen the ones responsible for the event.
When we simply witness, the vasanas "dissolve" or, perhaps, float away
like so many clouds.

If I have misunderstood this explanation, I'd like to be corrected.  But
if this is a reasonably accurate statement of one point of view, then
I'd like to know what literature (ancient or otherwise) is available
that might discuss the mechanism(s) by which this all takes place.  Has
anyone attempted to say anything about the "form" which these vasanas
take, the process by which they cause or create events which are
presented before our observing selves, etc.?

I'm very well aware that I'm asking about things and events that are
unreal in an ultimate sense.  I know that in REALITY there are no
vasanas.  But I also know that contemplation, even of such unreal
things, can be useful.  For instance when we ask "Who am I?", we
contemplate the unreal "I" in order to realize its unreality, and
hopefully through this "neti, neti" process we awaken to what IS real.

So I'd like to contemplate further on this "story" about vasanas leading
to the events arise before us, etc.  And in order to do this, I'd like
to read more of what's been said about the "mechanism(s)" involved.
Patrick S. Williams, Ph.D.
Department of Social Sciences
University of Houston-Downtown
Houston, Texas, USA

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