Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Thu Nov 6 12:25:02 CST 1997


Gummuluru writes:

>This intellectual self would not put it the way Charles put it, but:
>The SELF pervades all, here, there, everywhere, you, me and everyone.
>SELF is the rock, the animal, the plant, the human. SELF does not
>speak. SELF does not act. But it is the SELF that powers you to speak.
>What is spoken is the intellectual self's understanding of the SELF.

    I've read scriptures which put it almost exactly as you
    have and I "believe" it is true. The question I've been
    wrestling with for the last few weeks concerns those
    people who imagine they have realized they are the SELF.

As I just wrote to someone else off the list:

    If enlightenment is no more than the recognition that
    there is no one here who recognizes there is no one
    here, then "I" am enlightened without a doubt. The doubt
    is that this is not enlightenment and non-people who say
    so are not enlightened either.


- Allan Curry

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