Dear Sri Egodust

egodust egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Wed Nov 5 21:56:35 CST 1997

Allan Curry wrote:
>     You have recently commented on what the atman can
>     say about all the egos in the world and the atman's
>     relationship to them. So I figured maybe you know about
>     atman *and* the "indeterminate source or ground" of your
>     own information, both of which you've already referred
>     to. You can't get off the hook by saying that you can't
>     say anything about it, because you've already said quite
>     a bit about it. So perhaps you would now be so good as
>     to just answer the question, regarding the indeterminate
>     source or ground of your own information: is it atman?
>     "Yes", "No" or "I don't know" are three legitimate answers.

To this question there's only one legitimate answer: silence.
I'll make no further comments about it.



"There are no answers
there are no questions."

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