Dear Sri Egodust

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Wed Nov 5 18:50:00 CST 1997


egodust writes:

>Yes, it is the most fundamental advaitic sadhana called
>atmavichara.  Its honest and deep application will reveal
>to you the answer to the standard riddle regarding not
>only who I am, but who we *all* are.  Jivas or brahman?

    Did you really think I've been on this list for all this
    time and somehow hadn't heard of atmavichara before?

    Perhaps you'd like to try answering the more substantive
    questions about your own inquiry which you should be
    be able to answer, but have chosen to avoid so far.

>>    What would you say about the "indeterminate source or
>>    ground" of your own information? Would you say it is the
>>    atman or would you say you don't know whether it is or
>>    is not the atman? If you don't know what is and is not
>>    the atman, how do you know what the atman can and cannot
>>    say about other egos and their relationship to the atman?


- Allan Curry

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