Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Wed Nov 5 15:19:40 CST 1997

At 12:16 PM 11/5/97 PST, Maadhavan Srinivasan wrote:
>I want to share my inner spritual feeling.
>Some years ago, i realized TRUTH and had the feeling of "I attained
>MUKTHI".I realized the "SELF". That is,the feeling of, 'I' only exist.
>After sometime i met the effects of Ego, like happy,sorrow,angry etc.,
>But again, sometimes i had the feeling of MUKTHI.
>But always my primary objective is TRUTH. I want to attain MUKTHI
>permanently. What is the solution for this?

>From some of the teachers I've heard, this is a common phenomenon, and
actually a very difficult point to get past.  The sticking point is that
there is an individual to whom these appearances are happening.  Ironic
though it is, it IS possible for an individual to have experiences of
cosmic unity, experiences that seem very non-dual.  As in "I just had a
non-dual experience!"

It is only when that sense of individuality totally and permanently
disappears, that there is mukthi.  The appearances can continue, but the
sense of localization of seer/seen, of the doership/receivership of actions
-- this is what is not there when mukhti happens.

And more ironically, the intense desire for the disappearance of this sense
of individuality can actually prevent the disappearance from happening!


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