Narada Bhakti Sutras

Govind Rengarajan govind at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Wed Nov 5 14:00:37 CST 1997

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, Allan Curry wrote:

>     Of course it would be very very nice to meet a realized
>     being but do you think it's as necessary and beneficent
>     as Atmananda and Narada say? I've always felt it to be
>     so, but am I just being naive?
        I think it is necessary. Of course, there are exceptions
        like Ramana Maharshi (one can argue his case too). It is my
        opinion (for whatever it is worth) that one has to prepare
        oneself (purify) until one is ready for a physical guru. So
        if you are being naive, well, there are some of us also who
        are being naive :-)


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