Dear Sri Charles (repost)

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Wed Nov 5 12:17:28 CST 1997


I'm sorry if I missed your reply to my original post but
I didn't see it so I'm reposting my original in hopes you
will respond...

Charles writes:

>     We are changeless because "we" are not really "here" at all.
>      Never have been,  Never will be.
>     Only the Self is present.

    Is the author of the above quote the one who has never
    been here or is the author of the above the "Self" which
    alone "is present"? If the author is the Self who alone
    is present, then does the author also have certain
    knowledge of the fact they are that Self? If the author
    is the one who is not "here" how do they know what *is*
    here, or know anything at all?


- Allan Curry

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