Time Bound

Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Wed Jun 25 12:20:46 CDT 1997



I think in spiritual pursuit any activity that is time bound is futile.

Assuming human span of life 100 years (not too many people live that long
anyway) each day we spend almost 10 hours commuting and working to live
comfortably, 6 to 8 hours rest (sleep) and remaining hours entertaining to
relax.  Out of this 24 hours we set aside hardly an hour for spirituality.
 Something is better than nothing atleast we spend an hour remembering our
ishta devata.  Some people say they meditate an hour a day.  How do they know
the hour is complete unless they put an alaram clock next to them to remind.
 Under those conditions how can anybody concentrate?
As long as there are responsibilites, self imposed or imposed by others in
the name of society it is not possible to renounce and be detached.

If one desires self realization (I konw it is not the correct phrase) one
must renounce time bound activities.    Any of you would like to share your
thoughts.   Sada, Iam anxious to know your views also.

Shubham                                                              Nageswar

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