Chelluri Nageswar Rao Chelluri at AOL.COM
Mon Jun 23 21:33:54 CDT 1997

                                   Om Namah Chamundeswari

Adorations to ALL!

As suggested by Sri Vidya, I will be sharing my understanding of Saptasati,
Chandi Homams, Devimahatyam and their relation/relevance to Advaita for the
benefit of all members.
First let me express my basic beliefs:
There are sevral paths to Mukti.  Some are long and laborious for human span
of life whereas some are short and simple.  Love, bhakti and complete
surrender of EGO are the easiest means in Kali Kalam or any other kalam.
 Approach God/Goddess as Guru, Mata, Pita, Friend or Love.  A little
karmakanda performed with complete faith surely facilitates speedy attainment
of goals.  One has to choose a goal and go on the path that leads to it fast
with complete faith, dropping off the desire for the goal on the way, and
march on, one will arrive at the destination at the destined time.  Gods
grace is essential for the initiation of spiritual pursuites and the grace
falls on everyone at the appointed predestined time.  Recognizing it leads to
the knowledge to know one's position in the creation.  The journey on
spiritual path begins with Dwaita which ultimately leads to Advaita and there
are no exceptions to this rule.

I am an ordinary person lucky enough to come to this promised land and now
that the promise is fulfilled, I am looking forward to returning to
motherland to be inservice to divine mother rest of my life.  Maybe she will
provide the opportunity again to experience and dwell in the ecstasy of
samadhi.  During April 1986 IT dawned on me to perform Chandi Homams at
Ashtadasa Peetalu (18 Devi Temples) scattered all over India and SriLanka.
 At that time I have no idea what it is all about and who prompted these
thoughts.  Around the same period I had my first experience of "AtmaAnubhuti"
involuntarily.  I posted my experiences on this list several months ago.
 First experience is both frightening and pleasurable.  Frightening because I
lost my Ego and Identity and pleasurable 'cause am Free, am everything
everywhere and everything is in me.  I AM the One and there is no second.
 Maybe next time around whether it happens voluntarily or involuntarily I let
the Ego go, drop it completely,  and be FREE.   Mother's grace made it all

I will talk about Saptasati next time.



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